One Life is a non-dual philosophy. To know One Life is to experience all in an awakened state of being. In the One Life, all sentient beings are one. There is no path to the One Life, it is simply here and now.

Be a Center Walker

It has been a challenging time for many, with many changes and much acceleration of energies. From climate changes to the protests and revolutions all over the world, it may seem at times as if the planet is coming apart. Not only have you been able to observe changes going on all around you, but also you may have noticed many changes occurring inside of you. If you have held your center, you have been able to observe these changes without becoming swept up in them, or swallowed up by them. If you have become a center walker, then you have "lost your edge" and relaxed with the evolution and the challenges that are a part of it all.

Many have been feeling a sense of lack of direction, or purpose and yet a yearning to contribute or participate more fully in the unfolding of the next steps for humanity. What can you do if you feel simultaneously stuck and excited about moving forward? If you feel like you take a step forward then feel sent backwards and then lose sight of the direction you are seeking? If everywhere you look you see people clinging to the extremes, from those who are ready to ascend off the planet as quickly as they can, to those who want to dive into the planet, into a cave, off the grid, back to the earth. The polarization seems to be getting stronger, the center walkers seem to be in the background with the edge walkers having the loudest voices.

We are here to say that the more polarization there is, the more possibility there is for the center ground to be found. As people move to the edges, they leave more space in the center, and eventually that space, that spaciousness in the middle, allows for more expansion and more growth and for the center walkers to find their voices and their power. So all the polarization is just an expedient way to clear the space for the new leaders and new expression to emerge.

Within you, the thoughts which become too extreme, can move you to the edges The stories inside you which lead you walk to the edges are false, illusion, and ultimately distraction. Edge walking is thrilling sometimes, even dangerous at times, requiring complete attention and focus on maintaining balance. You may think that at the edges you see more, or have more view, but the need to watch every step is exhausting and tends to diminish your creativity. You operate in survival mode, just trying to stay alive and not tumble off the edge.

The thoughts and stories of the center more spacious and open and clear. They build equanimity and compassion and love. They come from the heart of things, the heart of you. Losing your edge can mean that you have found your center, that you no longer need to seek the thrill of the destabilized precarious extreme. In a world which has become so unbalanced, every sentient being living from their center makes a remarkable contribution to the greater good for all. This contribution anchors the experiences of life to the heart of the planet an effectively supports the evolution of the planet. Without trying, but simply living from the center--as a center walker--you participate on a global scale with the evolution of the One Life.

As a center walker, you will gain a much grander sense of who you are, expanding into all the spaciousness while focusing into the single pointedness of self simultaneously. It is a paradox in a way, how that equal expansion inward and outward works to maintain a center, not requiring specific action in any real "direction" yet the experience is one of movement and change.

The edge walkers will be both exhilarated and afraid of the changes, some clinging to the edge for dear life, some building a roller coaster on the edge for even more excitement. You center walkers will not be bored or feel complacent or judge the edge walkers. You have the understanding and the compassion that comes form abiding in the center. You have the wisdom to continuously observe how unconditional acceptance always brings you deeper and deeper into the presence and the ability to simply cherish the journey whatever it is, however it is traveled.

You won't lose your opinions or your discernment as a center walker. Your righteous indignation over the injustices in the world will still present themselves to you. But you will know that change simply "is" and that change shows you where you are attached and reactive so you can learn where your "buttons" are and instead of buttons getting pushed they get polished. The polished buttons give you an accurate reflection which you can use to refine your unconditional acceptance of all that is.

You don't have to change any of your beliefs or alter any of your actions, thoughts or feelings in any particular way to become a center walker. Just have compassion for those in the the extremes--the edge walkers--and you will naturally assume a center path. The inner world revolution, where your own inner extremes do battle sometimes, have defined your edges, your boundaries, and are no longer going to have any importance. Your need to protect, defend or hold on to those edges will dissolve in favor of the simplicity of being a center walker. Just be the being you are, trust in your contribution as being the perfect contribution for you, and love as you are so loved.

So be it and so it is.


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