One Life is a non-dual philosophy. To know One Life is to experience all in an awakened state of being. In the One Life, all sentient beings are one. There is no path to the One Life, it is simply here and now.

A Call To Consciousness

We are at a new threshold, one point where collectively and individually, we reach across the chasm between the old paradigm and the new paradigm. There have been many of these transition points, and there will be many more to come. In fact, some would say that every moment is a significant threshold point. The difference between threshold moments, however, is painted to appear greater in our skies and cosmos at times like these.

At this time of change, the new world is being created in the minds and hearts of all the World Servers. The illusions, glamors, and distortions of process must come to a close. All conflicts and chaos must move each of you to create the next level of human harmony. It is the time to reconcile with the past, open up the ultra-perceptual capacity to understand the past differently, and with commitment and sincerity, answer the call to action.

Now action may not be what you initially think it is. We are not suggesting that you take to the streets, although many will. We are suggesting that you commit to act with the most profound level of consciousness you can access at this point. Crossing the threshold at this time may catapult you into a place you may never have considered consciously before. You may be facing challenges you thought impossible to face. The unknown comes right up to you and you are suddenly within it. This is no time to fear the unknown, just time to trust you will navigate it and respond appropriately to all it asks of you.

Be careful that your concepts of the "outside" world do not overwhelm the spaciousness of your "inner" world. Look around you and notice, that though many see the chaos and polarization as evidence of the unraveling of the reality that has been, a reality simultaneously exists within you that is beyond all that.

For many years, you have been cultivating your spirituality, expanding your consciousness, and refining your perceptions in order to create a new paradigm, yet have you truly committed yet to act in every moment as the spiritual being you are? Or do you still try to simply meet the demands you perceive are placed upon you by that old paradigm world "out" there? This is the ordinary view, that the big world has all the power, and you must just do whatever it takes to comply with its demands. Then, when we say that you can eliminate this perception, and truly create your reality, that becomes yet another demand that you have to comply with. And the demands of self increase and become even more difficult to meet.

This is now the time to experience yourself as the evolved consciousness in body that you really are. Do not believe you are less evolved than your spiritual teachers. Your consciousness is actually as evolved as any teacher, but the teacher is so totally committed to act in that consciousness, that the teacher appears more evolved. You have been afraid to act in consciousness. It's really not too unusual--most people are afraid to act at the level that their consciousness lives--afraid that it will make them too odd, strange or somehow take them out of the normal world.

It is important and necessary to start right here and now to act as the evolved consciousness you are. The deeper truth is that to be committed to act at the level of one's consciousness means to simply take full responsibility for creating your experience. This current threshold asks that you fearlessly live through your consciousness instead of living through the reactions to your beliefs and concepts of external expectations and demands.

Increasing your commitment to live at the level of your consciousness means also paying attention to the contribution you are making to the world. Discounting your contribution, believing you make no contribution, is an unconscious strategy designed to protect yourself from living up to the potential that is you. You are really here to uplift the collective and individual consciousness of the planet. This is the time to do that.

Every day is an opportunity to do a little more, even just one minute a day, to raise the contribution quotient on the planet. We are really just reminding you of what you already know. Commit to acting at the level of your evolution--not really a "level" at all, but a full on realization of your awakeness. Don't settle for less than that from yourself...Be who you are....though it has been said so many times....this is one more....

So be it, and so it is!



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