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One Life is a non-dual philosophy. To know One Life is to experience all in an awakened state of being. In the One Life, all sentient beings are one. There is no path to the One Life, it is simply here and now.

The "Shoulds"

Q:  A lot of times, the "shoulds" are because we feel selfish if we have our own way and we don't go our own way and be innocent about our emotions because it tends to hurt other people we love. So we try to be unselfish so as not to hurt those people we love. And this gets to become kind of a mess. Could you talk about that, please?

DK: Yes. First of all, the underlying belief here is that you could hurt someone that you love. If you could imagine that belief or concept as something pulled out of a filing cabinet in your mental body, you can see it's a belief that you've been taught or that worked in some scenario in the past. Then realize that you're applying that belief to every situation - past, present and future - probably because of something else that occurred and it's part of your filed reaction protocol. Then, whenever you are acting dishonestly because you perceive that you could hurt another person with your honest actions, you're operating in that dishonesty and probably hurting that person because of your dishonesty. Not because of the truth that you can hurt another person with your actions - but because of your dishonesty. So the habit becomes "dishonest actions" that hurt other people. It becomes almost the proof that you need to keep using that file, to keep reinforcing the same beliefs and concepts. It becomes a habit; it becomes the way that you operate because of the judgment that you have about yourself about selfishness that said that if you were selfish, then someone else would be hurt. The foundation of that is, "If I win, someone else looses." It means that the world has been constructed around you in which there can only be one winner. If you win, someone else loses.

What needs to happen is those underlying beliefs need to be dismantled. They're not dismantled easily. You start with the possibility that perhaps you could be honest with yourself, have honest responses emotionally and not act in any way other than compassionately. There's no reason why a compassionate deed cannot come out of emotion. Even if the emotion is hatred. The deed could be compassionate. Especially if you are honest with that emotion. You could begin to relate to another person from a point of reference of being compassionate and still be absolutely honest with your innocent emotional responses to situations. That is still very different from acting dishonestly/ inauthentically with your emotional reactions to situations. Because operating in distortion (even seemingly well-intentioned distortion) then is experienced by others as precisely that - distortion. Others begin to make assumptions that are ultimately based on pulling out of their files, "How I get hurt. I get hurt by other people, especially when they do this, this and this."

In your personal case, we would say that you have the opportunity with anyone that you are interacting with to dismantle on both sides of the experience all of these false beliefs that would keep the two of you in any way in that pattern of, "I hurt someone when I'm being very honest and being who I am," and the other person, "I get hurt by other people when they don't do what I want them to do; when they state their truth and it isn't exactly mine." You're dealing with the other person's pictures and files that meet up and match with yours. The only step that you can take is to burn your files, so to speak. Let go of your underlying belief systems so that the other person can realize their own. You can do this together or you can do this independently.

What you're going to find is that the moment that you sense that you are being compassionate and absolutely honest in what you might have judged to have been selfish previously, and the other person is alright, then you're going to know that you've dismantled that whole habit. Part of what you'll have to do to make this work for you is begin to see the other person in absolute mastery. If the other person is being hurt by you because you're being honest with who and what you are and there aren't distortions around that, if that's coming out of your perception of things, you may want to look at whether you're perceiving that person as somehow "less than" you. Somehow being impacted by you and moved into a position where you are "greater" than they are. From a kind of self-arrogance often emerges a belief in the ability to seemingly protect another from those so-called negative emotions. Being hurt is probably much, much more of a picture, a file around an emotion then a real innocent authentic emotional experience.

We would advise you to first of all view the other person as being a glorious master, absolutely a master. The moment that you view them as the master, you're putting them in the position of being able to absolutely experience what they need to experience, do it in the grace and love that is most appropriate for who and what they are. Through just being compassionate, you can be absolutely honest with your own emotional experiences, with your responses, knowing that all you are really here to do is love. But love doesn't have to look like some kind of protection. In fact, love is a much broader experience than that. Really loving someone can very well be coming from being so honest and innocent within yourself that you are willing to be present with and express the moment's emotional experience without going into the old habits, the old files or the old pictures. Does this make sense to you?

R: Yes. Thank you.

DK: Question?

Q: Yes. So as we dismantle the pictures and the patterns and get rid of the filing system of all of that, it seems that life gets more organic? Relationships are more organic? And I'm really frankly feeling like my emotional body isn't experiencing anything of any great nature. Could you address what the emotional body now experiences?

DK: Yes. When living in a much more organic place of self-acceptance, all of a sudden, the emotional body doesn't seem to be doing anything. You're not experiencing much. Why? Because it used to be that the only way that you knew that you were emotionally engaged in the situation is by the contrast of the situation. By the elation, by the absolute depression, the crisis that you felt over and over again--the emotional "roller coaster" was your previous understanding and experience of being emotional. Now, you're operating in this very "even keel" where there's a lot of acceptance and you don't think you're feeling much.

When that is happening, the emotional body has taken on an entirely new job description. That job description is one of transferring information from the spiritual body into the physical vehicle. The emotional body is designed to be a very profound transducer of high levels of information; very rarified vibratory rates of information are experienced through the emotional body. That kind of sensitivity to the spiritual realm, the spiritual information that exists in the spiritual body is not experienced as crisis. It's not experienced as extreme highs or extreme lows. It's not experienced in the old ways because those old highs and those old lows are extremes that were defined as such earlier - because they were supported by the mental body as being such. When there's an evolution that takes place in your whole self, the physical body is more sensitive. It takes in the emotional information in a way that allows the information to move through the physical body. It's known in a whole-being way. It isn't so much a focused and, we would say, almost limited and separated emotional experience. It's a whole-being experience where the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body, the physical body are all working together and in that whole-being way, there is the experience of life.

To some of you, that might connote some sense of boringness; of being absolutely bored with life because there's an addictive quality to the emotional experience that is extreme. In extreme emotions, there are many chemicals that run through the body and these chemicals can become addictive. You can begin to orient your entire experience of life by this addiction that is occurring in many different ways on many different levels within your physical, mental and emotional body.

When the mental body is no longer rationalizing and justifying but instead is operating in creativity, then the emotional body-that's just transducing spiritual information and bringing it in to the sensitive physical-is really charged not subdued and not indulge in an experience of boredom. It will be an ecstatic experience of equanimity.

We would use the analogy of a lunar eclipse.

What happens in a lunar eclipse is that the Light, the electromagnetic energy from the sun as it is reflected by the moon, is held in absolute balance by the position of the Earth. In other words, the Earth is in the way so you can't see the reflected sunlight from the moon and you can't experience the direct sunlight. All you can experience is the energy of the Earth; the sun and moon being equally polarized. At that moment, the whole dance of the polarities is balanced and the extraordinary events make the ordinary experiences more appreciated. Similarly, when emotional balance is achieved in the whole being, it is not boring. As an analogy, the moonlight and the sunlight are really the ordinary experiences. The lack of them simultaneously is the extraordinary experience. Just as the lack of crisis, of polarity, of these huge "ups" and "downs" emotionally is the extraordinary experience. Not the "boring" experience. Does this make sense to you? Does it answer your question?

R: Yes. It answers some of my questions. But I really don't know what the rest of the information I'm looking for is.

DK: Yes. We will speak more about this in a general sense. In the process of evolution, there is no before and after. It's an "is-ness". It's ongoing; it's organic; it's multidimensional. In transformation, there's a before and an after. What you're talking about in terms of wondering what's happening, where it's going, how it's unfolding, etc., is really wanting to see the results of the transformation. You're only going to see the result of the transformation if you look at what was before and you look at what is now and you make comparisons. But when you're engaged in the evolution, there's a simple need to absolutely let go; to really allow what unfolds to unfold without having a goal, without having a belief, without having a picture, without really being able to do anything other than trust. Indeed, you cannot simply ask for a new picture to put into your file. You are asking that there be no more files, that there be instead this glorious sense of opportunity.

If we were to in any way define for you the nature of evolution, we would simply say that it is the ongoing, ever-expanding opportunity to experience who and what you are. It is nothing other than that. There is not a picture of the perfectly evolved being. There is not a utopia that is the perfectly evolved society. There is not a picture of the species of humanity. For the relationship the species of humanity has to the world around it is constantly in this organic process of evolution. So it doesn't remain static. It doesn't remain in static relationship. It simply continues to move, evolve and there are more and more opportunities always and at all times.

We would wish for all of you to experience the opportunities that your own evolution brings to you. Let yourselves love yourselves in the process of these opportunities. Know that you are loved in the process of all of these opportunities that present themselves to you. Know that the evolution is an evolution of love. Trust in that, Dear Ones. And we wish for you to love as you are loved. To be as you are; who you are. And so be it, Dear Ones. So be it.



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